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Tuesday, June 22, 2021: Community Support Specialist

DEAF, Inc. is excited to introduce its newest Community Support Specialist, Rachel Ebner. Let's give her a warm welcome!

Friday, April 2, 2021: Job Opening: Community Support Specialist


DEAF Inc. is seeking qualified candidates for a new full-time position, Community Support Specialist.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021: Introducing Legislative Communication Support


DEAF, Inc. is bringing a new service to you, Legislative Communication Support. Do you want to write a letter to your local and state representatives, but feel stuck or need help with the language? We can help you with this!

Friday, June 5, 2020: Black Lives Matter


DEAF, Inc.'s Board and Staff want to take a moment to speak candidly about the tragedy that is enveloping our hearts, minds, and country right now. Acts of injustice against Black people, including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, have created an inflection point... To read more, click here


Tuesday, February 2, 2021: COVID-19: COVID-19 VACCINATIONS


The COVID-19 video series is shifting focus to vaccinations as they are now being distributed in phases. To see video, click here

Thursday, November 19, 2020: COVID-19: NEW PUBLIC HEALTH ORDERS IN ASL


The latest COVID-19 announcement especially for St. Louis County due to the rising number of cases, hospitalizations, and approaching capacity. For more details,click here

For past COVID-related news, please click here.

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What is DEAF, Inc. All About?

What is DEAF, Inc. all about? Come and let us take you through what a daily life at DEAF, Inc. looks like. Our team is highly motivated to bring a greater collaboration to increase communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing. Check out the video and share with others.

Jefferson Foundation

DEAF, Inc. Awarded Grant to Provide Deaf Sensitivity Training

DEAF, Inc. is proud to announce we are one of the recipients of the 2020 Jefferson Memorial Foundation Grant. This grant will allow DEAF, Inc. to continue to provide Deaf Sensitivity Training to the First Responders in Jefferson County. However, for the 2020, this program has been expanded to include training for Jefferson County staff who are employed in the following departments: Administrator’s Office, Assessor’s Office, Circuit Court, County Executive’s Office, County Council, County Services & Code Enforcement, Juvenile Office, Municipal Court, Prosecuting Office and Recorder of Deeds. The goal of this training is to educate and inform Jefferson County staff who come in contact with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, on how to appropriately engage with them. This training will provide some insight and understanding of Deaf culture, along with the best methods in communicating with members of the Deaf and hard of hearing population. Staying true to our mission, this grant program allows DEAF, Inc. to continue to, “Empower, raise Awareness, and bridge a sustainable Foundation of communication and equal access to both deaf/hard of hearing and the hearing communities in the St. Louis Metro area.”

Signed Picture: "Careers" - We're seeking  Staff Interpreter and Community Interpreters American Sign Language Classes - Register today! For more information, click here.

Community Project

Community Project. Stronger Than Ever video link. Summary of Rick Rush's experience.



In 2012, Rick Rush, an accomplished sport artist, was commissioned to paint a collage, representing the mission of DEAF Inc. To summarize his experience, he said that the deaf and hard of hearing community today is "Stronger Than Ever!" thanks to organizations like DEAF Inc. who are breaking communication barriers everyday. Watch more...

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Sean Forbes video link. Forbes's interview.




In this DEAF Inc.'s "In the Spotlight" episode, we interview Sean Forbes, a deaf musician on a mission. Music is in his blood, his cells; it's just the way he is. Sean Forbes is living proof that if you have enough passion, magic happens and dreams come true. He talks about his 2014 tour and gives a message to younger deaf and hard of hearing children.  Watch more...

Community Project

Community Project: Deaf Sensitivity Training for Police Officers. Training video showing DEAF, Inc's collaboration with St. Louis Police Academy



How to handle communication issues when facing deaf and hard of hearing citizens? DEAF Inc., with collaboration with St. Louis County Police Academy, created a training video for police officers and other responders. Watch more...

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There are simple and automatic way for you to support DEAF, Inc. every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at or at Schnucks, Amazon and Schnucks will donate a portion of the purchase price to DEAF, Inc. Be sure to select Deaf Empowerment Awarenes Foundation Inc. ( or DEAF Inc (Schnucks) as your choice of organization to support.

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Picture of a blurred man signing "view", aiming a V handshape at himself. In the background, a row of sitting police officers watch him signing.

Deputies in Jefferson County, MO received training on how to interact with the deaf community.

DEAF, Inc. and Police Work Together to

Increase Communication Access


DEAF, Inc. was featured in several news outlet  for its continuous advocacy for communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing in the community. Special thanks to Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for making the effort to improve the relationship between the police and the deaf community. Also, special thanks to Jefferson Foundation, who provided funding for the training.


•  DEAF, Inc. conducts police training

      Video; DTV News, March 23, 2017


•  DEAF, Inc. provides training to Missouri police officers

      Video; The Daily Moth, March 21, 2017


•   Deaf advocates and police work together to prevent clash of different cultures

      Article; St. Louis Dispatch, March 20, 2017


•  Jefferson Co deputies being trained to communicate with the deaf

      Video; KMOV Channel 4, March 15, 2017


•  Jefferson Co. deputies learn about the deaf community

      Article; KMOV Channel 4, March 14, 2017


DEAF Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created by deaf individuals from St. Louis, Missouri. DEAF Inc. provides high-quality sign language and ASL interpreting and translation services at the lowest prices in an effort to enable the deaf and hard of hearing to freely interact with the mainstream society. DEAF Inc. only provides sign language and ASL interpreters who have been certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), the Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI), the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA), and/or at least a level of Basic, Advanced, or Masters on the Missouri Interpreting Certification System (MICS). DEAF Inc. is the only non-profit organization whose 100% of all net proceeds go to programs designed to promote awareness of issues related to deaf and hard of hearing communities in the St. Louis, MO metro area.


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