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DeafLEAD provides Crisis Intervention, Advocacy, Case Management and Mental Health Services for Deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened and DeafBlind victims of crimes and their families. Staff and trained crisis advocates who are fluent in American Sign Language provide culturally and linguistically appropriate support to individuals who are experiencing emotional or physical distress as a result of victimization.


Some examples of victimization may include any kind of emotional, physical or sexual abuse such as:


• Domestic violence and or family violence

• Sexual assault

• Bullying (verbal, cyber or physical)

• Child abuse or neglect

• Elder abuse or neglect

• Adult’s sexually abused or assaulted as children

• Child sexual abuse or assault

• Hate crime: racial/religious/sexual orientation/other

• Stalking/Harassment

• Teen Dating Victimization


Additional types of victimization may include:


• Arson

• Survivors of homicide victims

• Violation of a court (protective) order

• Mass violence (domestic or international)

• Kidnapping (includes parental/custodial)

• Human Trafficking: labor or sex

• Robbery

• DUI/DWI incidents

• Other vehicular victimization (Hit and Run)

• Child pornography

• Terrorism (domestic or international)

• Identity theft/Fraud/Financial Crime


DeafLEAD works with individuals with the goal of reducing an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical reactions to a crisis. Additionally, DeafLEAD assists individuals with developing coping and problem solving strategies to assist them in managing and recovering from the crisis to prevent long term problems from occurring.

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