Rick Rush's Stronger Than Ever

In 2012, Rick Rush, an accomplished sport artist, was commissioned to paint a collage, representing the mission of DEAF Inc. Rick admitted that this project has taken him out of his comfortable zone - sports painting, however, he, enthusiastically, tackled the challenge. To learn more about the deaf community and its strive for communication access and equal functionality, Rick partnered with the DEAF Inc. leadership team, researched and interviewed many stakeholders in the deaf and hard of hearing community. Throughout his partnership and collaboration with the deaf community, he learned so much about the overlooked culture - deaf culture. To summarize his experience, he said that the deaf and hard of hearing community today is "Stronger Than Ever!" thanks to organizations like DEAF Inc. who are breaking communication barriers everyday.

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Who is Rick Rush?

In 2011, Rick Rush was named the United States Sports Academy’s Sport Artist Of The Year.

From an early age, it was obvious to his mother and father, friends, and teachers, that “Rick” had a fondness and talent for drawing. Rick was also a gifted athlete; he was starting quarterback at his high school and an early claim to fame was leading his team to victory over Foley, led by future Super Bowl XI winner Ken Stabler. His two gifts were harmoniously interwoven, but his true calling was in art. Because of Rick’s love for watching and participating in sports, he felt a natural subject for his art would be the sporting life in America. "Artists paint or write about things that are close to them," Rick often says, "Hemingway related to bullfighting, the sea, and war –I relate to sports."


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Gallaudet University's Tower CLock

Rick Rush explains how Gallaudet University serves as the cornerstone of deaf people's strive for social equality.

Deaf Gain in America's Sports

Rick Rush explains how deaf people have shaped and changed the American Culture through sports.

Mount Everest and Hurdles

Rick Rush explains how deaf people faces hurdles and mountains everyday, where the mainstream doesn't.

Greg Hlibok

Rick Rush explains the iconic image of Greg Hlibok during the Deaf President Now protest.

We Still Have a Dream!

Rick Rush admires the efforts of the Deaf Community in fighting for the rights and freedoms of its people.

Deaf Education History

Rick Rush talks about the formation of the foundation of deaf education in America.

Mount Everest and Hurdles
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Rick Rush talks about the mission and goals of DEAF Inc. - "Effective Communication" through freedom and justice.

Deaf History Timeline
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