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TI has remained successful for 26 years, because of the volunteers who give a week of their time to empower the campers in becoming prevention advocates. The diversity of volunteers fills the roles necessary to provide support and success for all hearing abilities. A description of the available positions and associated qualifications are listed below.




Dates of Camp: TBA – in the past, camp is often the 2nd week of June


Location of Camp: TBA – in the past camp has taken place at Missouri School for the Deaf and/or Garrison Camp in Steelville, MO.


All Staff:  ASL knowledge is preferred, although not mandatory accept where noted:

• Must have a positive attitude

• Must not smoke in front of any campers/interns

• Must not complain in front of any campers/interns

• Must remove “angry” or “upset” campers/interns from a room

Activities Coordinator


Responsible for all activities (including backup games), prepares rules for each activity in advance, delegates activities to their assistant, interns and other staff, and assists in organizing and cleaning up activity materials and taking inventory of supplies. Needs to communicate with activities assistant in advance for each activity. Advanced knowledge of ASL is preferred.



Activities Assistant


Must be able to assist the activities coordinator in activity preparation before camp. Primary responsibility is setting up and tearing down the activities. Other responsibilities include assisting and supporting the Activities Coordinator on all activities during the week.


Art and Crafts Coordinator


Responsible for organizing all crafts, which includes coming up with creative ideas, collecting materials, making demonstrations, and coordinating sup and clean up. Should communicate with activities assistant and interns about helping to lead craft time and clean up.


Group Leader


Act as positive role models, support, and resources for the campers throughout the week. They must also act as mentors to the interns as they prepare to become group leaders in subsequent years. Some specific duties include, explaining rules, the use of interpreters, importance of evaluations to the campers; helping to distribute evaluations after workshops, being punctual, and noticing and including campers who are shy and/or isolated. This position is for those older than 19. Attendance at camp previously is recommended but not mandatory. Advanced knowledge of ASL is preferred.




This position is for those who have attended camp in the past but are still in high school. Often interns are preparing to become group leaders in the future, and take on this responsibility to have experience as a role model and positive encouragement for the campers. During camp, the interns help the activities director with activity set up and tear down, assist the group leaders with camper counseling, accompany campers to cabins, introduce speakers and prepare meals when not provided by the host location.


Cabin Coordinator


This person coordinates daily lunches, supervises and supports the cabin staff, and acts as the liaison between the cabin staff/interns and the TI coordinators. The person in this role often takes on the Night Watch position as well. Advanced knowledge of ASL is preferred.



Night Watch


Oversee lights out for campers and interns and ensure all doors to the recreation and educational spaces are shut and locked after everyone is in bed. This requires late nights and a strict adherence to rules. However, this person may sleep-in during the morning.


Cabin Staff


Must be in the cabin any time a camper is present. Must know names of campers, develop respectful partnership with interns, communicate with the cabin coordinator, be attentive to campers’ needs, and report any problems to cabin and TI coordinators.  Other duties include setting up shower schedule, waking up campers, and helping media coordinator take pictures. This position is for those older than 19 years of age. ASL knowledge preferred. Good opportunity for those still studying the language (i.e. 1st-3rd year interpreting students).


Media Coordinator/Photographer


These positions are responsible for taking photos of camp activities, sorting and editing pictures, preparing the camp slide show, and setting up technology needs (i.e. laptop, screen, projector) for workshop speakers throughout the week.


Interpreter Coordinator


Coordinator and delegate interpreters to all workshops and activities, as needed. Supervise the interpreter inters and act as a resource for their learning experience. Must be a certified interpreter with extensive knowledge of ASL and at least 5 years of interpreting experience.


Interpreter Intern


Interns will assist in interpreting workshops and will interpret for campers, group leaders, and staff, as needed. This position is for those who are going into their 4th year or have recently graduated with a degree in ASL interpreting.


Camp Nurse


This is a very important role and a necessity for camp to run smoothly, therefore, the nurse must be at the campground at ALL TIMES and at all of the activities. This person coordinates medicine collection at camp registration, distributes medications, and is responsible for all medical care throughout the week. They work with cabin coordinator in reminding campers to take their medicine and must communicate with the TI coordinator if medical issues arise. ASL knowledge is highly recommended.


Looking for more responsibility?


If you are interested in working as a camp director, an ASL interpreter, or another position not listed, contact Becky Beck at the address, email, or phone numbers listed below for information about open positions and applications.


For questions, please contact:


Becky Beck, MSW, LCSW


2505 W. Ash St. Suite B

Columbia, MO 65203


(573) 445-5005 V/TTY

(573) 303-5598 VP

(573) 445-5088 FAX





Leadership through Education & Advocacy for the Deaf

2505 West Ash Street, Columbia, Missouri 65203

(573) 445-5005 (V/TTY)

(800) 380-DEAF (V/TTY)

(573) 303-5604 (Videophone)

TEXT:  Text HAND to 839863