Deaf Crisis Line

321-800-3323 (DEAF)


L.E.A.D is actively working with shelters that provide residential and transitional services, as well as anti-violence community centers.


Through these collaborations, L.E.A.D ensures that culturally and linguistically appropriate services are provided for Deaf and hard of hearing victims of crime.


When a Deaf individual is residing at a shelter, L.E.A.D. assists in establishing effective communication for the victim of crime.


Testimonial by a Shelter


“DeafLEAD has provided our agency with so much assistance and support. By partnering with L.E.A.D., our clients receive professional interpreting from staff who are empathetic to the needs of victims of domestic and sexual violence. We have received support through the installation of videophones, support groups and one on one interpreting, as well as a hotline service. L.E.A.D. staff is always available to assist advocates and clients. We are so fortunate to have DeafLEAD as a partner!”


-Missouri Shelter Advocate

L.E.A.D. provides FREE ASL interpreting services to Deaf victims and their family. Crisis interventions, intakes, assessments, case management, one-on-one counseling, and advocacy appointments are a few examples of how L.E.A.D. can collaborate with your agency.


The L.E.A.D. Shelter Videophone Project also allows L.E.A.D. to place a free videophone (VP) within the shelter or agency to allow Deaf victims access to ongoing interpreting and effective communication. If a shelter does not have a videophone, Facetime or Skype may be used to accommodate the communication needs of the individuals and their providers.


You can contact DeafLEAD anytime to order your shelter VP and participate in establishing culturally and linguistically appropriate services for Deaf survivors and their families in your community.

Testimonial by a survivor


“I was homeless for over 4 years before I came to the shelter. This shelter has a videophone in the shelter that was placed by DeafLEAD. They have put a lot of videophones in domestic violence shelters for Deaf survivors. The videophone is important for me so I can use the L.E.A.D. staff sign language interpreters when I need them. The first time I used the videophone with L.E.A.D. was with a shelter advocate asking me questions about my needs. When the shelter staff needed to meet with me one-on-one, we would use the videophone directly to L.E.A.D. so we could use the interpreter for the individual counseling, help with scheduling doctor appointments and meetings with my lawyer in another city. The interpreters could also come to the shelter when I wanted to go to domestic/sexual violence and art therapy groups. It was easy to use the L.E.A.D. services when the staff needed to talk to me in my language of American Sign Language. I must have ASL interpreters for me to best understand.”


-Deaf victim survivor

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