Deaf Crisis Line

321-800-3323 (DEAF)

Legal/Law Enforcement

DeafLEAD provides FREE ASL interpreting services to Deaf victims of crime who are utilizing legal services or law enforcement in any way.


When law enforcement encounter Deaf or Hard of Hearing victims of crime, and/or their families, effective communication is critical.


Whether it is reporting the crime, domestic violence or sexual assault, SAFE/SANE exams or forensic interviewing; L.E.A.D. crisis interpreters are available to provide trained, sensitive and accurate interpreting services for law enforcement agencies.


We offer free interpreting services to prosecuting and private attorneys, child protective service providers, family justice centers, or any agencies that provide legal services or support.


Our advocates can also provide assistance to Deaf victims filing an ex parte, requesting full orders of protection, filing crime victims compensation, and any Deaf victim needing ongoing legal support throughout the criminal justice process.


Leadership through Education & Advocacy for the Deaf

2505 West Ash Street, Columbia, Missouri 65203

(573) 445-5005 (V/TTY)

(800) 380-DEAF (V/TTY)

(573) 303-5604 (Videophone)

TEXT:  Text HAND to 839863