Deaf Crisis Line

321-800-3323 (DEAF)

24-hour crisis line for Deaf/HH


Are you in crisis?


Do you need help?


Do you know someone who is in crisis?

DeafLEAD offers several 24-hour crisis lines. We are committed to providing a safe place for you to get help that you need.


Let us help you. You are not alone.


Deaf Crisis Line

VP: 321-800-3323



Missouri Crisis Line

V: 888-761-HELP (4357)

TTY: 800 380 DEAF (3323)

TEXT: Text HAND and type 839863



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

TTY: 573-445-0032


Disaster and Distress Helpline

TTY: 573-445-5059

For more information about these 24-hour hot lines for the deaf/hard of hearing, please:

Leadership through Education & Advocacy for the Deaf

2505 West Ash Street, Columbia, Missouri 65203

(573) 445-5005 (V/TTY)

(800) 380-DEAF (V/TTY)

(573) 303-5604 (Videophone)

TEXT:  Text HAND to 839863