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Handspeak offers a place for the "signers" to meet and improve their sign language skills.  Click here to learn more about Handspeak.

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What is HandSpeak? HandSpeak came to exist when there's realization that we need more opportunities for social interactions for young children, teenagers, beginning signers, interpreting students and late-deafened adults in a safe nurturing location. Volunteers, such as native signers, experienced interpreters and deaf professionals, create a simulating environment, consisting of refreshments, activities and presentations.


We ask that you let us know if you are coming. Why? So we can be sure that there's enough refreshments. Also, it ensures that there's enough space or items available in activities for you to participate. If coming, click here to contact DEAF Inc. or link below. Be sure to select "HandSpeak Attending" from the drop down list.


HandSpeak usually occurs on a Wednesday nights. For specific dates, check the Community Events page. This enables children, beginning signers, student interpreters and other community members to brush up their signs.


DEAF Inc. is always looking for creative native signers and experienced interpreters to volunteer their time to host or assist in activities, mentor beginning signers and most of all, expressing joy of signing! If interested, click here to contact DEAF Inc. or link below. Be sure to select "HandSpeak Volunteering" from the drop down list.


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Introduction to Sign Language


During HandSpeak, the participants in the sign language classes will have an opportunity to interact with attendees who are late-deafened, parents of deaf children, and native ASL signers. For more information about Introduction to Sign Language classes, click here.

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